MAFWA Bylaws 2023  

Alternative State Funding Manual

This manual was prepared by a President’s Ad Hoc Committee of the Midwest Association in 2006-07.  It contains extremely helpful information about why state fish and wildlife agencies need a new source of dedicated state funding and how to obtain it.  The authors are Ken Herring (IA), Becky Humphries (MI), Dave Schad (MN), Randy Stark (WI), and Dan Zekor (MO).  It is hoped that this manual will be of use to states and provinces as they move forward in the important work of leaving future generations a quality outdoor world.

National Wild Pheasant Conservation Plan

Though not a native species of North America, the Ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) adapted to its agricultural landscape and became an important piece in the fabric of the country’s hunting tradition. Today, the ring-necked pheasant is not only revered by the hunting community, it is an economically important and highly sought-after game bird. It is likely that pheasant hunters spend over half of a billion dollars each year pursuing ring-necked pheasant in this country alone.

North Dakota Field Guide for Fish and Wildlife Diseases

This page is a listing of links to publications in .pdf format dealing with fish and wildlife diseases.

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